Tracey: CEO & Founder, Speaker

Name: Hi, I'm Tracey Matney!

Location: Southern California (and I'm a Texas girl at heart)

Marketing Superpower: I love to see my clients create conversations that convert and scale their offers and impact! I hand-picked a team of amazing digital marketers who deeply care about our clients. As CEO, I lead the strategy and oversee my team, driving high-level results for our clients.

Story: After 12 years in professional sales and marketing, I founded Victory Points in 2018 to help businesses market their transformational products and services. Since then, I've hired skilled and caring team members, managed over $2 Million in ad spend, served 100+ clients, and rocked out the results with excellence and integrity. Now I focus on leading our team and speaking on topics like high-ticket selling, chat marketing, and paid ads.

Outside of Work: I'm wife to Richard, a homeschool mom, a lover of freedom and dancing, and a follower of Jesus.

Cafe Staple: Locally-roasted Americano with breve (in a "for-here" mug)

Carla: Client Success Manager

Name: Carla Cooke

Location: Humble, Texas

Story: Carla is always looking for new ways to serve our clients. She spent 30 years sharpening her skills as an Administrative Assistant in Corporate America, and in 2022, Carla began working with Victory Points in a part-time project management role. She quickly realized she was totally invested in seeing the clients succeed and wanted to be a full-time member of the VPS team. Now, Carla works solely for Victory Points to ensure our clients and team are nurtured, on track, and set up for success.

Outside of Work: Carla spends her time homeschooling and enjoying nature with her children.

Cafe staple: Caramel Macchiato or London Fog

Joe: Senior Media Buyer & Chatbot Strategist

Name: Joe Buchanan

Location: Salmon, Idaho

Marketing Superpower: Paid Media, Chatbots, & SMS Automation

Story: Joe (a seriously analytical Enneagram 5) is obsessed with data-driven paid advertising. He loves Messenger marketing because he knows that it provides better engagement, exclusivity, and relationship building, thus leading to more sales and impact. Joe has been creating chatbot systems since 2018 when he became tired of communicating with customers using outdated channels that were not getting him the ROI he desired. As one of the first experts in the space along with Tracey, Joe brings over 5 years of experience to our clients' businesses. Using a data-backed approach, you can feel confident in knowing your ROI is his number one priority.

Outside of Work: Joe is an Air Force Veteran and father of 4 who once traveled with his family for months in an RV.

Cafe Staple: Single Origin Pour Over #coffeesnob

Courtney: Ads Strategist - eComm

Name: Courtney Alexander

Location: Nashville, TN

Marketing Superpower: Ad Strategy & Management + UGC Queen

Story: Courtney has managed or consulted on more than $4 million in Facebook and Instagram ad buying, as well as $50K in Twitter advertising since 2017. Monthly budgets for brands managed range from $500/month to $500,000/month, proving that success can be found at any level with the right strategies, creative, copy, placements, understandings of the product/service, and audience needs. Trained by Andrew Foxwell, Courtney has worked in nearly every aspect of marketing and communications, in a variety of industries. She has a master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Advertising and an undergraduate degree in Journalism & Electronic Media, with a minor in Communications Studies.

Outside of Work: Courtney is a proud dog mom and a UGC queen.

Cafe Staple: Cold Brew

Sarah: Director of Tech

Name: Sarah Lynn Gupit

Location: Philippines

Marketing Superpower: chatbot developer and tech problem solver

Story: Sarah was the first hire in January 2019 with the goal of managing admin tasks only about 5 hours a week, but she quickly became an enormous asset for the VPS Team! She became the chief technology problem-solver, so she quickly moved to full-time. A licensed electronics engineer, Sarah believes that everything is figure-out-able! Admin is a gift, and she is always on top of things both for Victory Points and our clients.

Outside of Work: You'll find Sarah hanging out and gaming with her husband, baking, playing with her dogs and a believer of Jesus Christ.

Cafe Staple: Chocolate Chip Frappe (not a coffee gal!)

Harvey: In-House Graphic Designer

Name: Harvey Adrian Soriano

Story: Harvey created captivating designs as a Graphic Designer with 6+ years of experience. He excels at translating abstract ideas into impactful visuals through strategic thinking, technical prowess, and artistic flair. Collaborative and receptive to feedback, Harvey thrives in team settings, delivering designs that resonate with target audiences and elevate brands.

Outside of Work: Harvey loves to share and spread the Word of God.

Cafe Staple: Caramel Macchiato

Harold: In-House Video Editor

Location: Philippines

Marketing Superpower: video editing

Story: Harold created visual magic as a video editor with over 5 years of experience in the industry. He's an expert with videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, UGC, Reels, Talking Heads - you name it, he makes it cool!
Outside of Work: Harold loves to play online games.

Cafe Staple: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Double Chocolate Latte

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