I love to help businesses see long-term VICTORY (read: profits) in their online businesses!

The thing is... traditional cookie-cutter sales and marketing isn't cutting it anymore, and my clients like Pedro Adao and Richmond Dinh know it. (That's why they hired me to consult them).

Sure, you need more clicks, more conversations, and more conversions.

But I know you really want impact and freedom.

You need a victorious strategy for the next 12 months that will help you find the freedom you seek.


You are looking to gain more leads, drive more sales conversations, and close more...


you have a proven service or program that delivers incredible results for your clients and customers...


you just need to get more leads and more sales calls booked...


We need to talk. We're experts at auditing your marketing and sales systems and helping you find areas to optimize.


Your first step is to book a Marketing Intensive Audit here to do a deep-dive into your marketing systems and create a strategic plan.

(I only have space for 4 intensives per month.)

Or if you have a few questions before we get started, schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult.

Add yourself to my calendar below, and answer the questions fully so I can understand who you are and what your goals for your business are. I can't wait to meet you! Here's to your victory!

Note: I only work with business owners who are kind, coachable, and long-term thinkers.

You understand that marketing is rarely an overnight success, but with the right partner, you can grow a sustainable business over time. You're looking for strategy and support, not an order-taker.

During our meeting, I will ask you about your current marketing systems and your goals for your business.

In this 30-minute complimentary session, I will assess your pain points to ensure they match the solutions Victory Points Social can provide. If we decide to keep the conversation going, I'll offer you the package I feel may be the best fit for you, whether that is consulting, done-with-you, or done-for-you.

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