Tracey :: CEO & Lead strategist

Name: Tracey Matney
Location: Redlands, CA (a Texas girl at heart!)
Marketing Superpower: helping brands create conversations that convert and scale their offers and impact! Tracey leads the team with digital marketing strategy and oversees our high-level results. 
Story: After 10 years in professional sales and marketing, Tracey founded Victory Points as a side-gig in 2016 to help businesses market their products and services. Little did she know that in Summer 2018 she'd go full-time and it would take off like wildfire! Since then, it's been a whirlwind, hiring skilled and caring team members, serving dozens of clients, and rockin' out the results!
 Tracey loves to help our clients see Victory in their businesses, and as the Lead Strategist, all new client relationships start with her.

Outside of Work: Tracey is wife to Richard, a homeschool mom, a lover of freedom and dancing, and a follower of Jesus.
Cafe Staple: Locally-roasted Americano with breve (in a "for-here" mug)

Viv Profile.png

Vivian :: ads strategist - Coaches

Name: Vivian Watkins
Location: Houston, TX
Marketing Superpower: Facebook Ad Strategy & Management
Story: Earning her "Elite Ads Manager" certification and trained by Jody Milward, Vivian has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in General Business. Viv is a communicative Account Manager to our clients and with Team Victory, providing a high-touch experience, and Ad Strategy & Management is her jam!
 Viv is able to capture our clients' vision, implement customized ad strategies, and turn clicks into customers through paid Facebook and Instagram advertising. She is dedicated to going above and beyond with the goal of exceeding client expectations!

Outside of Work: Viv is a homeschool mom of 3 who loves homeopathy and has a strong faith in God.

Cafe Staple: Chai Tea 

Courtney Alexander image.PNG

Courtney:: ads strategist - eComm

Name: Courtney Alexander
Location: Nashville, TN
Marketing Superpower: Ad Strategy & Management + UGC Queen
Courtney has managed or consulted on more than $4 million in Facebook and Instagram ad buying, as well as $50K in Twitter advertising since 2017. Monthly budgets for brands managed range from $500/month to $500,000/month, proving that success can be found at any level with the right strategies, creative, copy, placements, understandings of the product/service, and audience needs. Trained by Andrew Foxwell, Courtney has worked in nearly every aspect of marketing and communications, in a variety of industries. She has a master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Advertising and an undergraduate degree in Journalism & Electronic Media, with a minor in Communications Studies.

Outside of Work: Courtney is a proud dog mom and a UGC queen.

Cafe Staple: Cold Brew 

Joe Buchanan image.jpg

Joe:: Chatbot strategist

Name: Joe Buchanan
Location: Salmon, Idaho
Marketing Superpower: 1:1 Chatbot & SMS Automation
Joe is obsessed with Messenger marketing because he knows that it provides better engagement, exclusivity, and relationship building, thus leading to more sales and impact. Joe has been learning and creating chatbots since 2018 when he became tired of communicating with customers using outdated channels that were not getting him the ROI he desired. As one of the first experts in the space along with Tracey, Joe brings over 4 years of experience to our clients' businesses. Using a data-backed approach, you can feel confident in knowing your ROI is his number one priority.

Outside of Work: Joe is an Air Force Veteran and father of 4 who once traveled with his family for months in an RV.

Cafe Staple: Single Origin Pour Over #coffeesnob

Leslie Website Photo Options.png

Leslie :: Creative Director

Name: Leslie Shea
Location: Redlands, CA
Marketing Superpower: Creative Copywriting & Graphic Design
Story: Leslie joined the team in July 2020 as a freelance social media manager, but her eye for design and attention to detail helped the Victory Points team so much that she became the director of all client creative and copy, writing ad copy, optimizing funnels and chatbot conversations to fit the right customer voice. She has a bachelor's degree in Business and Public Administration with a concentration in Marketing and an associate’s in Merchandise Product Development, which is an excellent asset for our eComm clients.

Outside of Work: When she is not in the office, Leslie is spending time with her husband and two daughters or doing something crafty.
Cafe Staple: Dirty Iced Chai with oat milk


Sarah :: Director of tech

Name: Sarah Lynn Gupit
Location: Philippines
Marketing Superpower: chatbot developer and tech problem solver
Story: Sarah was the first hire in January 2019 with the goal of managing admin tasks only about 5 hours a week but she became the chief technology problem-solver and automated so she quickly moved to Full-Time! A licensed electronics engineer, Sarah believes that everything is figure-out-able! Administration is a gift, and she is always on top of things both for Victory Points Social and our clients.

Outside of Work: You'll find Sarah hanging out with her new husband, baking, playing with her dogs, and teaching Sunday School, and serving at her church.
Cafe Staple: Chocolate Chip Frappe (non-coffee based frappes)

Michelle Polk.jpg

Michelle:: Client results manager

Name: Michelle Polk
Location: Arizona
Marketing Superpower: restaurant marketing & client management
Story: Michelle has 15+ years of experience in the restaurant industry, working her way up to General Manager of Chili's. She has taken that experience working with customers and staff and is a huge asset for our restaurant clients as their Client Results Manager as she has a knack for connecting the user experience with the ROI needs of our restaurant clients. You'll love her customer service and positive attitude when you work with her!

Outside of Work: Michelle loves spending time with her 2 boys and taking walks with her dog. She loves going to the movies, especially anything Marvel, and church on the weekends.
Cafe Staple: Iced caramel macchiato with oat milk


Sarah :: content & design manager

Name: Sarah Holder
Location: Australia 
Marketing Superpower: dazzling designs and charming content
Story: Sarah joined the team in August 2019 from a varied professional background including admin, healthcare, ministry, education and non-profit.

Outside of Work: A mom of 2, Sarah loves painting flamingos, hand-lettering, or drawing kawaii characters.
Cafe Staple: Hazelnut latte

New Website Photo.jpeg

Brittney :: operations director

Name: Brittney Johnson
Location: Cleveland, OH
Marketing Superpower: Ops & Team Management
Story: Working as the Operations Director for the team is like a match made in heaven. Brittney came aboard with strong skills in team management, data process, organization, and operations support. With a Bachelors in Psychology, Brittney loves all things systems, people, & processes to help CEOs scale their businesses and their income to new heights! With her help, projects are managed daily and our team is stronger for it! Our clients are in great hands with such an analytical mind overseeing their investments.

Outside of Work: When away from her computer, Brittney is enjoying her fav HGTV shows or loving on her son & fur babies.

Cafe Staple: Tall Java Chip