Meet  the Team

Tracey :: Lead strategist/founder

Name: Tracey Matney
Location: Redlands, CA (a Texas girl at heart!)
Marketing Superpower: solid digital marketing strategy, results-driving ads, and creative chatbot design
Story: After 10 years in professional sales and marketing, Tracey founded Victory Points, Inc. as a side-gig freelancing business in the Spring of 2016 to help businesses market their products and services. Little did she know that in Summer 2018 she would launch her full-service Social Media Marketing division and it would take off like wildfire! 2019 was a whirlwind, hiring 4 team members, serving almost 20 clients on a monthly retainer, and rockin' out the results! She loves to help her clients see Victory in their businesses and as the Lead Strategist, all new client relationships start with her.
Cafe Staple: Locally roasted Americano with steamed oat milk (preferably in a "for-here" mug)

Stephanie :: client results Manager

Name: Stephanie Palaad
Location: Redlands, California
Marketing Superpower: Social Media Wizard and Customer Service Fanatic
Story: Stephanie joined the Victory Points team in August 2019. Previously immersed in the world of running summer camps and afterschool programs, Stephanie now spends her days chasing four young children and building community spaces both online and in person. Organic social media is her specialty and she is a master of social media engagement and growth.
Cafe Staple: Rose Latte with oat milk

Sarah :: Chatbot developer

Name: Sarah Lynn Santiago
Location: Philippines
Marketing Superpower: chatbot developer and problem solver
Story: Sarah joined the Team in January 2019. She is a licensed electronics engineer in her country who loves to solve problems. She believes that everything is figure-out-able! Administration is a gift, and she is always on top of things both for Victory Points Social and for our clients. When she isn't working, you'll find her baking, playing with her dogs, watching Netflix and teaching Sunday School and serving at her church.
Cafe Staple: Chocolate Chip Frappe (or any non-coffee based frappes)

Keely :: social media Manager

Name: Keely Calvaresi
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Marketing Superpower: quirky copy, creative images, and paid ads
Story: Keely joined the Team in August 2019 and is currently finishing out her Marketing and Psychology degrees. When she is not in the office or tackling homework you can find her baking, hula hooping, or updating her Philly based foodstagram!
Cafe Staple: Matcha Latte with Almond Milk

Sarah :: content & design manager

Name: Sarah Holder
Location: Australia 
Marketing Superpower: dazzling designs and charming content
Story: Sarah joined the team in Aug 2019 from a varied professional background including admin, healthcare, ministry, education and non-profit. When she's not working or building her Creative VA business, she can be found painting flamingos, hand-lettering or drawing kawaii characters.
Cafe Staple: Hazelnut latte made on Almond milk

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