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CEO & Lead Strategist of Victory Points Social
Challenge Scaling Expert

8-figure category kings like Pedro Adao and Richmond Dinh hire Tracey Matney as their challenge scaling specialist because they appreciate her strategic ability to help them optimize and scale.

Tracey Matney is the CEO and Lead Strategist of Victory Points Social, a digital marketing agency helping influential entrepreneurs scale their online businesses. She uses her 16 years of sales and marketing experience and 30,000 sales conversations by the age of 30 to create conversations that convert clicks into customers in a framework she calls “Challenge Victory.”


Tracey loves to help entrepreneurs make more sales without feeling salesy. Her students and clients learn how to use their natural desire to serve by being their true selves in sales conversations. They overcome rejection -- and objections -- and create win-win agreements using the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method to get more of the right clients.

When she's not strategizing, speaking, or selling, Tracey is a homeschool mom to a kindergartener and helps her husband run and market their local 7-figure brick-and-mortar shop Board Game Paradise in Redlands, California.

With a warm and bubbly personality and a smidge of tough love, Tracey is a joy to learn from and is sure to bring great value to your audience. Book her for 30-minute trainings or 4-hour workshops. She's ready!



  • TOPIC 1: How to Scale Your 5-Day Challenge to 6 or 7 Figures

    • ​Alternative Titles
      • How to Turn Leads into Buyers with Chat Marketing & Messenger Ads

      • How To Grow Your Sales & Avoid "Marketing Overwhelm" (Even if you have NO Customer List or Social Media Following) 

      • How to Get Started With Facebook Ads

      • Can focus on either Basic or Advanced Paid Ads + Chatbot Marketing Strategy

    • Freebie: Free ManyChat Pro Chatbot Template by Victory Points (if desired)

  • TOPIC 2: Clicks ➡ Conversations ➡ Clients

    • Topic Details

      • How Tracey took the experience of 30,000 sales conversations by the age of 30 and turned it into a $30,000/mo digital marketing business in just 3 years with a little one at home.

      • Story key points are on sales mindset, a focus on repetitions over results, and practical tips on how to make the sale using the V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method. Heavy emphasis on the psychology of selling.

      • Depending on the length of the training, we can keep the practical tips short and sweet, or we can dive deep into the full sales process with breakouts, exercises, and hot seats with attendees.

    • Freebie: Free Editable Discovery Call Sales Script & Training (if desired)


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