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Why Creative Matters: A Facebook Ads Case Study

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Read on to see how I got $8 leads down to $1!!

(See the full video including screen share of Facebook Ads Manager here)

With permission from my lovely client, I HAD to share some exciting results with you from some Messenger ads we are running... and a tip for you on why testing and tweaking your ad creative is extremely important!

WAS: $8-14 leads... NOW: sub $1 leads... (where they should be!)

The strategy: We're taking people from a Facebook ad into Messenger to get a freebie, grabbing their email address there (lead) and then taking them through a quiz in Messenger which then qualifies and sells them on her $27 offer... which upsells into her course...

And it's working y'all!

(But only after we changed out the creative)

The Initial Campaign ($8++ leads)

We initially started with a single creative (i.e. the video or image part of your ad) to two different audiences.

What I noticed was we were getting messenger subscribers at a cost of $14 or $8 each!

This is for a coach selling a course, so that was just way too high. I was really frustrated, so I started digging in to the campaign to try to figure out what it might be. I took a look at some of her other campaigns that we were running that had conversion objectives, and I noticed that a specific creative was actually working the best out of all the other creatives we were running.

So I was like, "I'm gonna try that creative here on this campaign."

I didn't change anything else in the ad.

All I changed was the actual image that we were showing. I left the copy the same, the headline the same, everything the same, except for the creative.

The Updated Ads

So, what happened when we changed only the image in the ads we were running?

Well, I'll let the results speak for themselves.

What you're looking at here is the Ads Manager page showing results from the two different creatives that we ran for this client:

You can see the two at the bottom are actually turned off, that's because, they were the ones bringing in the leads at an unacceptably high cost per result.

If you look at the top three however, you can see that this campaign has taken off like crazy.

  • the quality ranking is now above average,

  • the engagement is above average,

  • the conversion rate is above average.

  • She's getting $2 & $1 leads using Messenger.

Then, these are the results from just the last 7 days:

And then finally, we've got leads in at less than a dollar!

(showing just 1 day's results)

What's Happened?

These cost per results are now coming in really low and what's happening is that Facebook is saying

"Okay this is starting to work. We're starting to realize who's gonna engage with this"

and then they're saying

"Okay this is a very engaging ad, let's go ahead and show it to more people". (YES!!!)

So one day they were $3 and $2 and then the next day $1.70, $1.48.

So it's really exciting compared to what was happening initially.


When you looked at the results with the initial creative, you could have just thought

"OK, well this kind of campaign isn't going to work"

BUT actually the only thing I changed in the ad was the creative.

So I just wanted to show you what a difference the right creative can make, and how you should always be paying attention to what your data is telling you.

Pay Attention to Your Creative

Here's the initial creative if you'd like to see it.

It's this cute little video, that I thought was really clever.

I thought, OK, this is cute, it's red and green, it's "christmassy".

My client sells to creative business owners, so I thought they might like the cute presents.

Well, turns out, they didn't really.

We found that out because this static image worked much better:

It's just a basic image we made in Canva with a stock photo, and we added "FREE sales tax guide" to it, that's it.

Same everything else.

And you can see from the results above that it is working a ton better!

So make sure that you pay attention to your creative!

Today's Lesson:

You might be surprised by which ads perform... so don't just assume, test test test!!

(And let the data do the talking)

Here's to your Business Victory!



PS. If you liked this, then you'll love my Facebook Ads Basics course which guides you step-by-step through the basics of running your own ads.

Of course, if you'd much rather a done-for-you service, we offer that as well! Book in a FREE discovery call and we can get chatting!

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