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What's a Chatbot? Why Do You Need One?

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Quick answer: your customers WANT to talk to you on Messenger (not the phone, not email, definitely not in person) least not YET...until they learn a little more about you and your biz. Social media is one of the top ways people interact with a business before they visit or buy something.

Check out my Youtube video: "What's a Chatbot? Why Do You Need One?

Detailed answer... Problem: You want to stay top of mind with your customers, so they will begin to shop at your store, bring their family to your restaurant, sign up for your services or refer your real estate business to their friends and family...but you have a hard time knowing who visits your website and the click-through-rate from your emails is minimal. Typical solutions (the old way of following up):     1. You could set them up on an email campaign or write a blog post on your website to "create content"... but how many people actually read their emails or check out blogs? And if they do, are they even that effective? I’m surprised you’re even reading this! 😉 2. You could call or email all your leads… but... that takes sooooo much time. And if we are being honest, no business owner likes cold-calling people… especially if they aren’t expecting the call. Most of the time they don't even answer. Chances are, you’re on Facebook… and chances are better that your ideal client is on Facebook... (Are they 30+? They are on Facebook). Under 30? They are on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Shocker, I know! 🤣 But don’t worry, I’m not just going to tell you about Facebook Advertising... We can definitely talk about using Facebook ads to get more traffic to your business, but let's talk about follow up and automation.

Compare these open-rate statistics:

BETTER SOLUTION: The real magic happens in Facebook Messenger… 10 BILLION messages are exchanged each month through Facebook Messenger between businesses and individuals! Now, I know what you're thinking… “Tracey, what the heck am I supposed to do? Message all my leads in Facebook? That would be a full time job! And am I supposed to be Facebook friends with every lead that I get?” Nope! Enter Messenger Bots…  Simply put, they will do everything for you! Capture, Qualify, Answer FAQs and Cultivate leads... ALL AUTOMATICALLY! (Like what an Inside Sales Agent does) So you'll want to turn off notifications.  We install a chatbot to your Facebook page... Send leads to it through FB ads (we're getting them around $1)... Then a bunch of those leads get turned into qualified customers ... automatically! And BOOM! 💥 No more leads and clients slipping through the cracks.  No more wasting time trying to follow up with unqualified leads who won’t be ready to buy a home for months… and no more losing customers after they claimed your Valentine's Day coupon but got dumped so didn't come in to's ok! We can send them the next promotion for FREE using Messenger, and they will be grateful. Instead, the bot (which sounds like you) sends them nurturing messages in Messenger, in SMS (texts), and emails reminding them about the BOGO offer they claimed or giving them helpful information about real estate, productivity, or whatever it is you sell... ...And guess who they call? Guess where they shop? The only business who has been chatting with them! Cha-Ching!!! Time to start raking in those sales! This is technology for the future. And it's not going anywhere. Let us help you jump on the hot bandwagon!  We're a Messenger Marketing Expert Agency with ManyChat, which is the badge of honor for bot experts! :)


Let me know if you have any questions!

Tracey Matney

Lead Strategist

Victory Points Social

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