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UPDATE: Instagram Automation = 🔥

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Your tribe follows you on Instagram already and your DMs are blowing up. Can you keep up with all the questions?

Are you chatting in Instagram (we know it all goes down in the DMs) to engage with your customers and turn them into buyers?

Well, I have great news if you want to do that at SCALE!

ManyChat automation + Instagram DMs = 🔥

Last year we were excited to let you know that Instagram had granted ManyChat early access to their messenger API.

Now it's here!

So why are we so FREAKING excited about this huge development for our clients?

ManyChat is about to supercharge your Instagram reach and sales conversions!

This is a big deal because chatbots will be able to help you communicate easier and better with your Instagram followers!

It's now so much easier to help potential clients and customers to find out more about your products they see on Instagram and our Manychat automation will STREAMLINE these conversations.

  • move the sales process along faster

  • answer customer FAQs automatically

  • increase customer satisfaction & conversion

With help from ManyChat, you can tag chats and contacts as they relate to your sales funnel and offer a more personalized service. You can set answers to common questions and automate welcome messages, just like we do with Facebook Messenger.

That equals more sales! 🔥

As a Certified ManyChat Agency Partner, Victory Points Social can help you use the DMs on Instagram to further build customer relationships and drive sales.

Book a call today to see how we can bring your Instagram eComm Victory!

xx Tracey

PS. If you haven’t tried chatbots on Facebook yet, download my free chatbot template to make it super easy to get started with automation for your business.

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