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Restaurant Videos - Think Less. Post More!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Knowing WHAT, WHEN & HOW to post for your restaurant doesn't have to be so hard...


Get my Social Media Calendar

+ Easy Video Instruction: I'm making social media EASY & FAST to take away all the stress & guess-work of coming up with content.

Figuring it out yourself isn't easy - especially when it's supposed to engage & increase your following.

That's why I put together tons of post ideas for your local restaurant's Facebook & Instagram pages, so you can start to get more fans for your brand & bills in your till!

My 12-page Restaurant Victory Social Media Calendar comes with everything you need to create engaging content on social media to increase your sales, get new customers, and build a following faster than ever before.

⌚ SAVE TIME & STAY CONSISTENT Don't waste any more of your valuable time trying to figure out what to post. I created prompts for every day so you never have to think about what to post again so you can be more consistent than your competitors. 😊 BE UNIQUE & AUTHENTIC This isn't one of those copy & paste kind of social media calendars - I'll teach you how to create unique content that's yours (fast)! 💵 GET MORE CUSTOMERS & SALES Sharing stories and experiences that are unique to you will connect with your audience, grow your influence, and increase SALES.

Let's face it, social media marketing a struggle. You're a restaurant owner trying to wear all the hats.

You know using social media is key, but thinking of engaging content every day can be exhausting! When you increase your social media presence you grow your audience. That boosts your sales, increases retention of current customers, and represents you as the industry leader you are (or want to be).

Restaurant Victory Content Calendar is perfect for the restaurant owner who’s sick of spending their precious time on social media posts that don’t produce customers and sales.

When you get access to what’s in my noggin, it’s like having me on your social media marketing team!

Here's what you get for just $27...


🔹 5 weeks of posts you can use month after month - EASY!

🔹 Just check what day of the week it is, find a prompt & go!


 🔹 Plan it all out to post later (or give to staff to handle for you)

🔹 Take 1 hour & scribble down your plans for the whole year.


🔹 For example, on Mondays, you post a food & drink pairing, zoom in on a specialty ingredient, or gush about your most popular dish

And to make it even easier...You get these FREE Bonuses!

👉 FREE Access to a private Facebook Group with training videos by Tracey Matney:

🔹 Scheduling posts to save time

🔹 How to optimize your biz profiles, so people can find you

🔹 How much you should spend on social media marketing

👉 Direct access to Tracey Matney & actionable tips

👉 Community with other small business owners, so you can bounce ideas off each other

👉Weekly live training sessions and Q&A opportunities

🔹 How to run successful Facebook & Instagram ads

🔹 How to create live videos that make your cash registers sing

🔹 How to increase sales

Who created Restaurant Victory? I'm Tracey Matney, Lead Strategist & Founder of Victory Points Social. My done-for-you marketing agency helps local business owners get more fans for their brands & put more bills in their tills!

My team of 5 and I run our clients' social media pages, Facebook ads, and build email & text marketing systems to make sure our clients get results. It's a ton of work, and we love our done-for-you services!

BUT! I get a lot of requests from people who need help posting on social media and aren't ready to hire someone to take it over just yet.

That's why I created the Restaurant Victory Social Media Calendar with video bonuses to help you implement it right away!

You'll also get access to my active Facebook group called "Small Biz Victory" ... an exclusive, members-only community dedicated to helping local business owners like you "DIY" your own social media marketing. It's perfect for any brick and mortar business owner who relies on in-person customers. Inside the group, I share marketing tips and ideas to help you build your following online. It's a perfect place for you to ask me any questions you have about social media advertising. Can't wait to help you out!

FAQ: Can't I just google "restaurant social media" & find stuff to post? Why does this cost $27? 

Sure you can! But this is a shortcut. It's all in one place and packaged in such an easy-to-follow way, my 80-year-old grandma said it was simple. (For real, I asked her). I want to provide you with insane value.

I've spent the past 16 years in restaurants, so I get that you're busy. This will save you so much time and effort, you'll think I should have charged hundreds! If you get ONE customer because of what I teach you, it'll be worth it.

Buy Now & Save Yourself the Headache:
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