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ManyChat + Instagram = 🔥

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Are you an eComm business on Instagram?

(If not, you likely should be)

Do you want ways to engage with your customers and automate some of your marketing processes?

Well, I have great news!

ManyChat + Instagram = 🔥

Hot off the press! Instagram has granted ManyChat early access to their messenger API.

What does that mean? Well, it means that chatbots are coming to help you communicate easier and better with your Instagram customers!

As a certified ManyChat Partner, Victory Points Social, will be able to help you use messages in Instagram to further build customer relationships and drive sales.

This is a big deal for e-Commerce. Stats show that up to 89% of Instagram users have purchased something that they first saw on Instagram. ManyChat is now making that customer process more streamlined. It will soon be much easier to help customers to find out more about products they see on Instagram.

ManyChat CMO, Dorian Quispe, says:

“Twenty-twenty has been a crazy year. We’ve seen three years of eCommerce market penetration in 3 months, and with it, we have seen some equally drastic changes in consumer behavior. At ManyChat, we’re bringing the Chat Marketing movement to brands, helping them create meaningful relationships with their customers in a mobile-first, commerce-first world via messaging experiences. We’re incredibly excited to work with Instagram and extend the Chat Marketing movement to a platform with a high volume of messaging.”

With help from ManyChat, you’ll be able to tag chats and contacts as they relate to your sales funnel and offer a more personalized service = more sales!

Businesses will be able to set answers to common questions and automate welcome messages, just like we do with Facebook.

If you haven’t tried chatbots in your Facebook yet, download my free chatbot to make it super easy to get started with automation for your business.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more information as Instagram messaging features become available.

Here’s to your victory with Instagram!

xx Tracey

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