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DM Victory Method

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Visionary leaders are stellar at building relationships, starting conversations, and winning others over on video and in person. But they struggle to manage the follow up... the constant incoming DMs, Voxes, emails, texts... and the need to reach out over and over to close the sale.

These entrepreneurs want to be seen by the masses so they can make an impact on others at a high level. They could slay on every sales call... but they just don't have the time in the day or the capacity to talk to everyone. They don't want to be fake with auto-responders, but they know they can't possibly handle every lead themselves.

I'm Tracey Matney, and I've been creating conversations that convert clicks (and knocks) into customers since I sold Girl Scout cookies in 3rd grade. In 2018 I discovered Messenger chatbot funnels, and I was hooked on the power of automation. I saw tons of bot-builders make bots copy/pasted and lame. So I made them funny. And fun. And CONVERT.

Now, I create chatbots with personality for leaders like Lauren Golden and large brands like Americares how to automate with authenticity in a framework I call "DM Victory."

DM Victory

They say "it all goes down in the DMs" and they ain't wrong. 400 MILLION - the number of times a day IG users message a business, according to Manychat.

People love 1:1 conversations. It creates intimacy and relevancy - two crucial elements of the buying process.

So here's how to find DM V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.:

V - eVALUATE your current funnels and systems

Before you dive into creating a chatbot, eVALUATE your current marketing systems, cut any clutter, and make sure all of your funnels are working well together. You might find gaps like broken links, confusing wording, or weak design on your website, causing you to lose customers at various points in your sales funnel. A chatbot will just make that worse.


IDENTIFY and understand your IDEAL customers' IDIOSYNCRASIES, so you can be sure to write your chatbot in casual language they can relate to. How do they talk? Do they say "totally awesome!" with a million emojis? Or is their personality a bit more chill or formal? That way when you write your chatbot conversations, you can display your own brand personality in a way that attracts them to you and CONVERTS.

C - CRAFT a CAMPAIGN strategy & build it

To convert clicks into customers, CRAFT a solid CAMPAIGN strategy. How will potential leads get into your chatbot? From a Facebook ad? Instagram stories? Your website? Your email list?

My recommended strategy is to start by targeting your dream customers with dynamic and relevant Facebook and Instagram campaigns to help build your brand familiarity, recognition, and trust and invite them to chat with you in Messenger to get your offer. Ask for their email address right away and connect it with your email sequences. You could give them a quiz, a freebie, a webinar signup, or even a paid product.

After you’ve built up that base of interested leads, nurture the relationship through automated emails, texts, and IG/Messenger conversations in an omni-channel strategy to continue creating conversations that convert and solidify the sale.

T - TEST offers, images, copy, & call to actions

Once you have your full detailed strategy created and you have your messaging and branding on point, launch the campaigns! Always TEST multiple elements of the chatbot:

Images vs. Graphics vs. Videos vs. GIFs

Short vs. Long Copy

Call to Action Buttons & Delayed Timing

O - OPTIMIZE the campaigns

After driving quality traffic to your chatbot, OPTIMIZE your flows and scale the winning offers, products, creatives, copy versions, etc.

R - RETARGET to RETAIN buyers & RECAPTURE abandoned carts

Attracting new customers costs a lot more than RETAINING the current ones. RETARGETING is where a lot of brands leave tons of money on the table.

Use pre-written chatbot conversations in conjunction with a live chat agent (or social seller) to gently nudge your prospects to make a purchase! That way you can up-sell, cross-sell, and just plain-old sell (aka close) your leads.

Y - YES! Let’s Scale!

Once you run the campaigns for a few weeks, you will have winning flows! So scale the winners, turn off the losers, and increase the ad spend.

This is where your campaigns take off and grow, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have sales day-in and day-out on auto-pilot.

Here's to your DM Victory!

PS. Don't forget to book a call if you want to see how the VPS team can bring victory to your DMs!

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