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Case Study: How Betty Bot Turned $5k Ad Spend into over $127k in Launch Sales With a Paid Challenge

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

If you know me at all (or follow me on social media), you know how passionate I am about chatbots. After all, chatbots are an AMAZING way to increase engagement, sales, and scale your coaching or consulting business.

But what does that look like in real life? Can a social media chatbot REALLY turn just $5k in ad spend into a 6-figure launch?

The simple answer: HECK YES! 🤩

But I hear what you're saying...

It is bananas. 🍌 And it's also NOT if you know what you're doing.

Let's break down how Victory Points helped Scale On Shopify hit $127,380 in sales with only $5,000 ad spend...

We worked with Jen Ritchie, Shopify expert extraordinaire. She runs a one-of-a-kind, 12-month program called SOS Ecom Academy along with a quarterly 5-day challenge on Facebook called the "Scale on Shopify Bootcamp."

Now, Jen has had success with her previous challenges on her own. Her March 2021 challenge brought in 120 participants, 15 of whom signed up for her 12-month high ticket program. She delivers tons of value and is stellar on video.

A 12.5% conversion rate and $65k in high ticket sales is pretty great, right?

But, like all ambitious entrepreneurs, Jen was ready to take things to the next level. So Jen hired Victory Points to help her:

  1. Increase the number of sign-ups.

  2. Increase participation (AKA get more people to show up AND engage each day).

  3. Increase the number of VIP upgrades (since VIPs tend to buy high-ticket)!

  4. Increase the number of buyers of her high ticket program.

  5. Reduce overall stress and the amount of time spent fielding questions and sending out reminders.

*Betty Bot enters the chat.*

To accomplish Jen’s first goal, we ran a variety of engaging Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the 5-day Challenge. We spent $3786 in Facebook Ads to bring in 215 Bootcamp participants (that’s nearly 100 more than the previous challenge).

Upon signing up, the participants met Betty Bot on the Thank You Page. 200 out of 215 signups (93%) interacted with Betty and joined the Facebook group!

The chatbot gave them quick and easy access to the workbook and invited them to the pre-party to build up some hype and excitement. 🎉

From there, Betty asked participants to opt-in to be notified when it was time to go live on Day 1. For those unable to make it to the Facebook live event each day, she sent over the replay making it a snap for them to catch up on whatever they missed and keep up with the challenge.

As a way to increase participation, Jen gave out unique daily keywords for challengers to send to Betty so they could get the daily takeaway and homework. 164 users showed up live and

entered the secret keyword to get the notes!

Betty encouraged them to post their homework in the Facebook group, so some days Jen would have a surprise giveaway to keep people excited. ManyChat kept track of the entries so we could choose the winners easily.

This strategy equals boosted engagement...and boosted engagement equals more sales.

Legally, you cannot send messages through Messenger more than 24 hours after they have interacted with the bot, so the takeaways kept that 24-hour window open in order to send the next day’s reminder. And if they didn't... we texted them instead.

We also ran ads concurrently with the challenge ONLY to signups to encourage them to keep going with the challenge, build brand authority for Jen, and ultimately convert them into high-ticket sales.

See, it’s all part of a well-thought-out plan. 😉

Betty also took a temperature check during the 5-day challenge, so that Jen could get a clear idea of who was on track and who was in need of a little extra guidance. She was able to do all that without having to reach out to everyone one-by-one...all 215 of them. 😫

One of my favorite things about this strategy is that Betty made it simple for VIP upgrades to happen too! Again, without Jen needing to sell to each individual person.

32 people signed up for the high-ticket program this time around (14.9% of $27 challengers!)

Betty helped facilitate more 1:1 relationships with each participant without requiring Jen and her VAs or social sellers to have 215 personal conversations. And, let’s face it, we are more likely to purchase from someone we have a connection with than someone we don’t.

Intimacy + Relevancy = Victory.

Half the battle with online challenges like these is getting people in the virtual door, right?

After all, you can’t prove how valuable your coaching or high ticket programs are without at least getting them to show up. Betty not only made it easier for people to show up, but they showed up eager to participate and learn.

All in all... MORE people were able to have transformation. More sales = more impact.

In total, Jen’s "Scale on Shopify Bootcamp" 5-Day Challenge brought in an impressive $127,380 with just $5,000 in Facebook ad spend… and we can’t wait to scale again for her next one!

Here's how the stats break down:

Do you run your own 5-Day Challenge?

Set up a 15-minute discovery call with me today. I can’t wait to strategize with you!

To Your Victory,

Xx Tracey

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