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[Case Study] How a New eComm Brand Grew Shopify Sales by 5X

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Let me introduce you to Zach, founder of Lot22 Olive Oil Co with two brick-and-mortar stores + an online Shopify store.

In this video, Zach shares that with the help of Victory Points and eComm Victory, he multiplied his sales 5x since we started last July! 🤩 Now he is looking to open his 3rd location.

Last summer, Zach came to us for help with his online marketing.

Zach's online Shopify store was converting at around 0.4%, which was much lower than the Shopify average of 1.6%.

I am so pleased to report that, with the help of my amazing team, we were able to

  • Skyrocket that conversion rate to 5.08%

  • Increase his sales volume by 5x

  • AND grow his email list of customers to over 3,000!

The Strategy

Zach realized that marketing was not his superpower (his superpower is amazing olive oil!), so he enlisted the help of Victory Points.

In our premium done-for-you package, we worked on several ways to increase the conversions on his website, drive more traffic and increase sales.

Here's how we did it:

  1. Reviews on Product Pages - we added the Shopify app to help encourage social proof and increase cart conversions. This app streamlines the process to collect reviews and adds them to the product listings automatically, so each product is kept up to date with the latest reviews.

  2. Product Images and Captions - we helped Zach to update the product listings to make them reflect the quality product that he was providing.

  3. User-Generated Content - UGC is powerful for social proof because your eCommerce product is being used by real people. We helped Zach gather UGC to add even more "Oomf" to his product advertising and ran those creative videos and photos as ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  4. Testing - we tested a number of different types of images and captions to see which ones converted better than others. This kind of testing is so useful as it allows you to really create content and listings that appeal to your actual audience (and not just what you think might work).

  5. Abandoned Carts - as part of the ManyChat chatbot we developed for Lot22, we added in an abandoned cart reminder through messenger. This also drove sales back to the website.

  6. Email Marketing - Zach's email list is now sitting at over 3,000 subscribers. We serve them with a regular newsletter and have also set up an auto-responder as well. This is helping to keep his customers up to date with any sales and new products.

Let's let the numbers do the talking!

Don't just take our word for it, check out the stats. You should always look at your numbers to find opportunities for growth.

Black Friday 2020 Campaign

We knew that since Zach's brand was newer and smaller, we didn't want to compete with the massive brands by trying to get sales right on Black Friday. So we decided to create a warm audience ahead of time so that we could retarget those people and drive sales.

Check out these stellar stats:

  • Cost per Lead: $0.36! 🤯

  • # of leads generated from Facebook Ads: 1316 emails (+1727 new Messenger subscribers)

  • # of engagements on the giveaway announcement live video: 567 views, 59 reactions, 164 comments (usually when Zach goes live, he only gets 5 to 10 people watching)

Retargeting Campaign - Black Friday

Then... those warmed-up people (from that cold pre-Black Friday audience) were retargeted for Black Friday-Cyber Monday, and we saw $1,305.39 ad spend turn into $5,848.08 in online sales during the most competitive weekend of the year.

Let's break this down, by comparing the whole of the period leading up to Black Friday (almost 5 whole months), with the results from the 4 day Black Friday campaign.

The overall result?

A result of all this hard work, as you can see in Zach's testimonial video above, is a happy client and a thriving online store.

If this is something you'd like to investigate for your eComm store, learn more about our VICTORY Method and schedule a call today

Here's to your eComm Victory!

Xx Tracey

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