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5 Reasons to try Chatbot Advertising Today!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Facebook Messenger advertising may be seen as an afterthought to running traditional Facebook Conversion Ads, but you’ll soon see why you shouldn’t discount this up and coming platform to get leads, nurture prospects into buyers, and build relationships that ultimately turn into SALES!

Facebook advertising has become super competitive, with more and more businesses vying for the prime real estate in front of the eyes of potential customers. It’s an ever-changing area with new formats and rules all the time. The only reason we persist, is because that’s where the people are!

There are 6.8 BILLION people using Facebook and its associated apps - per month!

So, what is a Facebook Messenger Ad?

On the Facebook Ads Manager platform, you choose “Messages” as your Objective when creating a new ad campaign.

The result we’re optimizing for is a Messenger conversation between you and your soon-to-be customer. They can view your ad in their Facebook or Instagram newsfeed, Facebook and Instagram Stories, or even in Messenger itself.

Why are Messenger ads even a thing?

Well… 20 billion conversations a month between users and businesses is why. Conversations lead to conversions. And we all know that people would rather message a business than actually make a phone call or send an email. Don’t you?

Plus, with the help of chatbots (i.e. our favorite, ManyChat), businesses can scale these conversations to turn leads into SALES! Cha ching!

So why am I ALL IN on Messenger ads? Here are 5 reasons we use Facebook Messenger ads for all of our clients:

1. Automated Lead Capture

With Messenger Ads and a chatbot system like ManyChat, everyone who interacts with you in Messenger is automatically captured as a subscriber. No forms to fill out, no typing info into a database… They are added instantly. Then you can ask for more info, like their email address, phone number, birthday, etc so you can follow up with them off social media.

2. Perfectly optimized for Mobile

Isn’t it frustrating when you create ads and they look great on desktop but weird on Mobile?

Well, Messenger is perfectly optimized for Mobile, so all of your content looks great and works seamlessly from a mobile device. Even videos!

3. The Glorious World of Chatbot Automation for 24/7 Lead Gen

As I said before, conversations create conversions.

But 1 on 1 conversations are time consuming, and you’re limited in how many you can engage in per day all by yourself. That’s where this amazing technology called chatbot automation comes in. Your “virtual assistant” or whatever you choose to name your bot will follow up and nurture your leads automatically - FOR YOU! It can even qualify your leads for you!

Example of a behind-the-scenes Chatbot automation for eCommerce

4. Customize and Personalize

With a chatbot you can address customers by name, and by asking the right questions you can get them into a conversation that they are actually interested in. Sort potential clients according to their interests, their budget, their coffee preference even? That way, these leads can be sent offers and information relevant to what they were looking for.

E.g. an Italian restaurant sells pasta and pizza. By understanding customers’ individual preferences they can be sent offers specific to their favorite type of pizza or family size. Don’t have kids? Let’s not send them “kids eat free on Tuesdays” emails...

5. Messenger Ads outperform other ad types by 2-10x

What about where the rubber hits the road? Do Messenger ads perform based on key ad metrics like number of leads, cost per lead, and sales?

Yes. Yes they do.

Because of the factors I already mentioned, Messenger ads have been shown to outperform other ad types by 2-10x.

**Insert my unsolicited opinion: I think that Mark Zuckerberg desperately wants to take over the world, so he’s put a TON of his marbles into Messenger and Whatsapp this year. He wants to beat out even Apple’s iMessage! I think he’s making some pretty big headway… we’ll see!

So, why wouldn’t you give it a go?

Go ahead and get started with your very own Messenger bot campaign! I’ve got a free ManyChat Pro template you can play with and start making more sales and getting more leads!

Grab my free chatbot template here, or book a free 1:1 Discovery Call so we can work out how to make Messenger ads work for your business today!

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