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  • Tracey Matney

4 Quick Tips for FAST eComm Sales using Retargeting Ads

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

As if running your eComm business isn't hard enough, the C-word (which shall not be named) has made pressure to succeed online so much more stressful and overwhelming.

Retargeting your warm audience is the best way to get sales fast.

So here are my 4 quick tips for fast eComm sales!

1. Install the Facebook pixel on your website

This is a tiny piece of code that will help you show Facebook ads to your website visitors. (see Facebook's instructions for this here) and read my other blog article here about the new iOS 14.5 updates to be sure you are compliant and are setting up the pixel correctly.

2. Create audiences based on website visits

In Facebook Business Manager, create a few different audiences to test based on when they visited your site.

(Example: you may give a special offer for someone who visited your site yesterday but didn't buy yet.)

3. Create a conversions ad on Facebook and Instagram

Show an ad to the people who've visited your website and entice them to take action now!

4. Make a "buy now" offer

Give people an offer they can use now, like "shop now for 25% off with promo code 25OFF"

This process is actually what's known as a retargeting ad. By using your own audience, retargeting your website visitors is by far the cheapest and most profitable way to make sales with your Facebook ads.

If you need more help with your Facebook Ads for your eComm business you can hit me up and we'll get you started with your very own eComm Victory!


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