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3 Steps To A Successful Discovery Sales Call

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

(and a script on what to say!)

You keep on winging it… you get rambly, and you find yourself saying random stuff that doesn’t even make sense because you’re so nervous. (just me?)

It’s a simple fix (not easy… but simple).

If you want to grow your business, the stakes here are HIGH my friend.

Conquering the art and science of selling in 1:1 conversations is crucial to growing your business if you don’t want to stay stuck.

Y’all Victory in sales can be attributed to many things, but the 3 main success factors I’ve found are: activity, connection, and preparation.

So today we’re going to focus on PREPARATION… that’s the easiest one.

The Sales V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method

V - Be well VERSED.

I - INTIMACY & relevancy.

C - CHOOSE your thoughts.

T - TRIAL close to build trust.

O - OBSERVE to cover objections.

R - Get your no REPS in.

Y - YOU are the secret ingredient.

Selling is at the very heart of business. You don’t have a business without selling something.

I heard Myron Golden say that “every dollar in your pocket, whether a gift or from a paycheck earned, is because somebody somewhere sold something.”

Prepare to sell, and you’ll be prepared to serve your customers at a higher level.

Today in this article, we’re breaking down the easiest sales skill first: V - be well-Versed.

V - be well-Versed

It’s important to follow a sales process. If you wing it, you’ll feel uncomfortable, unorganized, and you might not make the sale… and this is what separates the lazy salespeople from the ones who actually reach their goals!

Here are my 3 steps to a great sales process:

Step 1: Frame The Call

Use a sales page for your booking link and ask qualifying questions on your scheduler (like Calendly). They help the prospect understand the purpose of the call AND they help you get to know the prospect better before you get on Zoom with them.

Here’s an example of mine:

Set up unique email reminders that have your face on them, a couple of notes to prep them for the call, and even a short welcome video.

Here is what mine looks like:

Send the lead to a thank you page on your website (not just the default Calendly confirmation page!) Direct them to a thank you page on YOUR website that has a next steps video and invites them to click around on the website. You can even embed testimonials on the thank you page as well! All of this helps warm them up to you so that when you get on the call it doesn’t feel as cold.

Here is what my thank you page looks like:

Step 2: 15-30 Minute Discovery Call

The goal of this short 15-30 minute discovery call is to find out if you would be a good fit to work together. Ask the prospect questions to find out if you can really help them and try to understand their goals, their gaps, and their roadblocks.

**Important note: This call is not the right time to give your price because you don’t have enough information about the brand to do a proposal.

If they are a good fit, invite them to a deep dive session and schedule it with them right then. Make sure all decision makers can be on the next call.

If you can tell they are not ready for you, refer them to someone who may be a good fit or offer them one of your DIY options with an expected follow up time.

PS - I have a whole script I created for you… want it for free?

Step 3: The 45-60 Minute Deep Dive Call

The goal of this call is to help the prospect see that you understand their brand, their problem, and demonstrate that you are the solution (but only if you are!)

Ask really good deep questions (more on what to ask later), and repeat back their answers to ensure that you are understanding them (and that they feel understood by you!).

My Sales Script contains questions where you can get little yeses by asking them if you’re on the right track or if you’re understanding them correctly.

A great question to ask is: “where do you think we should go from here?” You’ll be surprised at how many times they ask clarifying questions that you may not have even thought about!

Create a buying atmosphere. Make sure your prospect knows you’re going to go over the price at the end of the call, and that you will ask them to make a decision. Present your price and ask for the sale. Collect payment right then!

If You’re Prepared, You Can Listen More

In my early sales days… I talked too much. I rambled. I wasn't well-versed at all. I had a script but I wasn’t even using it! I lost soooo many sales because of it.

BUT when I committed to listening more and to being more prepared, I learned how to get into my customers’ minds instead of into their wallets. And it worked!

So the question I have for you is…

Do you know what to actually say on a sales call to get more sales and close more deals?

I’ve got the answers for you in my free Discovery Call Sales Script!

Get your FREE Discovery Call Sales Script today, and make your next sales call a huge success!

💗 Tracey

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