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13¢ Restaurant Leads with Facebook Ads

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

WOW - can't beat 128 new leads in less than 24 hours... this ad has gone crazy! We're getting leads for just 13 cents for my new Curbside Marketing client!

Let me tell you why this is working so well:

🔸 The offer is a no-brainer - they are compelled to sign up with their email address and phone number to get the deal!

** Side note... this☝ (building a database) is SO important for future success!! Don't just post offers and skip this step!

🔸 We're using targeted ads to a 5-mile radius from this restaurant - audience size 14,000 (small but most likely to actually come in)!

🔸 The type of food is commonly eaten, especially right now. (Homestyle comfort food - fried chicken, spaghetti, etc) so it reaches a larger audience than niche food. Focus on your more common items right now!

And y'all, this place doesn't even have a website...or a big following ... notice the "warm" vs. "cold" ... people who don't even follow his page are opting in like hotcakes!

Here's a video that breaks down this concept even further:

Restaurants - if your curbside sales are not where you want them to be... you need a SYSTEM to drive them in.

Not just posting and hoping... a system. 💪 A machine.

I love local restaurants. 💜 Advertising to-go & curbside orders is helping my clients survive!

BUT, if you're posting & hoping to get the word out there about your restaurant... you might not be able to keep your doors open for long.

I'm Tracey Matney, founder of Restaurant Victory, and I want to help you survive this mess.

For any local restaurant owner who reaches out, I will build you a "curbside pickup" marketing system for FREE (you just cover software cost of $47 one-time and Facebook ad spend).

See a demo here: 🎉

I know I'm crazy to do this for so cheap, but I have been in the restaurant industry since I was 16.

I get it. It's freaking hard.

And right now, more than ever, we need to band together and help each other.

My Curbside Marketing System uses social media advertising to increase #curbside orders & set you up with a customer database for future sales! 💵

🍕 🌮 ☕ 🍻 🍨 This is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, ice cream shops, etc who need help building and nurturing a database of fans for your brand.

All I need is access to your Facebook page, your offer, and your ads budget (I recommend just $10/day to start).

No fancy apps needed & my team and I can have it up and running in 24 hours.

Click Learn More for a demo and to sign up before I take down this offer. 👇

We got this y'all!

💜 Tracey

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