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LemonShark Training - Restaurant Victory

Inland Empire Eats is your guide to the food and drink scene in the IE in California.

Our goal is to help you get an in-depth look into the people and restaurants that make our area’s food scene great.

We aim to build a community of people who love good food, and who are invested in the success of our local restaurant community.

We believe in community.


Our goal is to build a platform where we can tell the stories of the many wonderful people who make the Inland Empire food and beverage industry special. (That's you!)


Whether the focus is a chef, bartender, owner, server, or someone else, there are many interesting people to meet and interesting restaurants to learn about, right in our backyard.

Finally, we believe that our area has the potential to become a culinary destination - we have the people, we have the resources, we have the talent. So let’s make it happen. When you #eatlocal, you are building our local economy!


Find full-length video interviews on IGTV or our Facebook Page!

We love to work with restaurant owners to get more butts in the seats, so if you know a restaurant, cafe, or brewery owner, please refer them to Tracey - or send them to this page to apply with the form. 

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