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ROI Engine - Client Onboarding & Training

This page will walk you and your staff through different elements of the VIP Offers program. The videos below are meant to help you and your team understand how to use the ROI Engine, how to fix possible issues and how to interact with the customer.  If you have a video idea, question, or concern, let us know:

What is this program all about?

Let's make sure we're all on the same page. This video will give you an in-depth walk through of WHY we do what we do. I cover our concept of building a database and every element of the ROI Engine.

The Messenger Flow In Action

This is a full walk through for what it looks like on your customer's phone when they opt-in and redeem your offers.

*NOTE: please have the customer handle their own phone when redeeming, simply ask them to click the "redeem" buttons and enter the total check amount needed.

Mobile Customer Experience

Here is the customer experience on mobile for my fake restaurant "Victory Points Restaurant." This is similar to what your flow will look like.

Customers With Multiple Offers

You're going to see this happen occasionally. Customers, who think they should get to use more than one offer at a time. We are explicit in the Messenger conversation that they are only allowed to use 1 offer per visit, and it's ok to be firm and say "oh, we only allow one offer to be used per visit!" and follow up with "Thank you so much for understanding."

REMEMBER! The customer is the reason we are in business! Be nice to them and thank them for their business and understanding.

Errors/Tech Glitches

When dealing with technology, every once you in a while you'll get an offer that won't redeem properly. I came up with a solution to help your staff handle that. Here's what to do.

If a customer isn't able to hit the "redeem" button, have them type in the staff person's name, the total bill after discount, and write "manual" ... my team will update it on our end and all will be well! So something like this: 


Michelle $24 manual (just reply to the bot)

Watch this video for more explanation:

Owners/Managers: Google Sheets Dashboard

This is the dashboard we use to evaluate the ads reach, impressions, and opt ins, as well as track sales & ROI. This video is a rundown of how this dashboard works.

You can access your dashboard at all times to monitor your success, and we'll be sending you a bi-weekly report in the first 2 months, and monthly afterwards.

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