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Mill Creek Bar-B-Que

In January 2019, we ran a Facebook Messenger ad for a buy-one, get-one free deal (the offer and image is SUPER important), and over 700 people subscribed to the bot in 1 month! These Facebook users requested the BOGO coupon through a Facebook ad and opted-in to get future deals. After that deal ended, we sent a broadcast (for free!) to the 653 people who had opted in to stay in touch via Facebook Messenger (no ads necessary) in mid-February.  

80% of those people opened the message and 30% of them clicked on it (WHAT?!) You cannot get these stats with email marketing! Imagine what we did with all of those subscribers since then!

     2018 sales  |  2019 sales  |  $ increase YoY

Jan:    $57,900        $60,800           $2900
Feb:    $59,100        $67,900          $8800
Mar:    $72,800        $75,700          $2900

*even with a pause in advertising in March, we still saw a $14,600 growth in Q1

I know you are wondering about the dollars & cents of all this... here are the numbers straight from our client's books:

Not very many "social media marketers"can show you a trackable ROI. You're usually just posting and hoping ... trying to find out how people heard about you and why they came in (if they ever saw your posts at all). With my system, you can be confident our marketing is working. We track the sales for you and you get access to our full dashboard. é

Now how's that for return on investment?

If you are a restaurant owner and you want to learn more about our powerful system, please book a call with Tracey and we can show you how we get more Fans for your Brand and more Bills in your Till.

Valorie Hubbard

CEO/Actor's Coach, Actor's Fast Track

Service-based Business:

For a real estate agent, lender, coach, or other service-based business owner, we utilize the bot to capture leads' information through a Messenger code that you have people scan when you are with them in person as well as through targeted Facebook ads.


I call this my "Badge Bot" ... I use the scan code on my badge at networking events to connect with people & follow up in a human way... less annoying than subscribing them to my email marketing list, which can be a one-size-fits-all approach and wayyyy less personalized (not to mention, email open rate stink). Watch the video to see how the leads database looks after they've scanned your code with their phone:

Try it with your phone:

Want to see it in action?!

Click the button to demo my chatbot:

Tracey Matney

Founder, Owner

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START HERE! We need to get an understanding of your goals, so we can help your biz grow!


Sometimes you simply need an outside opinion & a fresh view to get your marketing strategy organized. We'll create for you a solid marketing plan to follow before we get started on ads and building chatbots for you.


done-for-you facebook ads

We'll help you get more eyeballs on your business and bring in more leads & customers!

Our full-service package includes Complete Ad Design: graphics, ad copy, automation and Chatbots! 

We will organize and track your offers/ads/leads and provide ongoing analytics to track ROI and ensure you get #results.

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messenger chatbots

10 Billion Messages are exchanged monthly between individuals & businesses!

Build an audience of engaged leads and customers with the newest platform of Messenger marketing. This is the cutting edge of the technology and adds that human touch we all are looking for on social media.


re-marketing & Follow-up

We all know the "fortune is in the follow up" but how many businesses properly do it?


For our clients, 75-95% of messages are opened! That KILLS email marketing where you are lucky to get 10-20% open rates.


We will set up follow-up sequences in Messenger and utilize the Facebook Pixel to create custom audiences for re-targeting leads (the nerdy stuff 🤓) and connect it all with Zapier automation to save you precious time with your family.

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