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"I was boosting Facebook posts, putting random money towards print ads... So when you approached me to handle our marketing in Dec 2018, my biggest concern was that you'd go after likes and fans. It needed to be trackable dollars. In the past year, we've seen ROI go 3x, even up to 6x, and that's all in. And it's trackable. You took something off my plate that I didn't know how to do. Your involvement in my success is huge, and you really cared about my restaurant."


- John Lenertz, Owner of Mill Creek BBQ & Burgers in Redlands, California

We offer transparent tracking so you can see how it's working (and fire us if it's not)! 

$50,403 in sales in 6 months!

9,684 new fans in the database

Fast-Casual Mexican Restaurant, Southern California


Take a look at some of the results from a campaign we ran for a local family-owned, Fast-Casual Chain in Southern California. 


Result highlights

- 9,684 people opted in

- 42% of people redeemed the first offer

- 2,297 return visits

- $50,403 in tracked sales as a result of the campaign

$14,600 ↗ sales in Q1 with 4:1 ROI

Barbecue Restaurant, Southern California


In January 2019 we launched a Facebook ads to Messenger campaign for a BOGO entree. Here were the results in Q1:


Reach New & Existing Customers

- 90% of people opened the message

- 50% gave their email address

- 1844 leads in Q1

- $0.42 ad spend per new lead

- only $650 ad spend in Q1

- $14,600 in tracked sales in Q1


Since then, we have built our signature system for dozens of restaurants to enable them to target new customers, increase brand awareness and set a better foundation for organic growth.

"We've worked really hard to try to put local marketing in our franchisees' hands, so with your knowledge on local marketing, we could really help everybody increase sales and traffic to our stores. And what you do is really specialized. We've used you in one of our stores kind of as a test run and got fantastic results. HUGE ROI, so now we're ready to launch this system-wide."


- Tobi Miller, Franchisor and President of LemonShark Poke

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