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The V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method - levels.png

Our proven done-for-you marketing system for business growth



The V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Method is perfect for your business if you:

  • are exhausted from hustling nights and weekends, trying to do all your marketing yourself...

  • aren’t making the income you want or deserve...

  • ​don’t have a clear action plan for marketing your business...

  • ​dream of making money in your sleep, but don’t know how or don’t have time to figure it out...

Here's our process to scale your business step-by-step:

eComm Victory - V black.png

eVALUATE your goals, the competition & your current systems

Before we dive in, we’ll eVALUATE your current marketing systems, so we can fix any missed opportunities, cut any clutter, and make sure everything works well together so you can start increasing your business’s sales. We might find gaps like broken links, confusing wording, or weak design on your website, causing you to lose customers at various points in your sales funnel.

Image by Austin Distel
eComm Victory - I black.png

IDENTIFY your IDEAL customer avatar

We need to IDENTIFY and understand your IDEAL customers - the ones you can serve BEST - so we can be sure to show them your most relevant and compelling products and services in a way that attracts them to your brand and CONVERTS. That way we can skip over those people who won’t ever make a purchase and only find real, hot buyers.

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eComm Victory - C black.png


To turn clicks into customers, we CRAFT a solid CAMPAIGN strategy:

  1. First, we start by targeting your dream customers with dynamic and relevant Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to help build your brand familiarity, recognition, and trust.

  2. After we’ve built up that base of interested leads, we retarget them with more ads to get them to add your awesome products to their cart & follow through with a purchase or book a call with you for high ticket items and courses.

  3. Finally, we use Chat Marketing to nurture the relationship through emails, texts, and Messenger conversations in an omni-channel strategy to create conversations that convert and solidify the sale.

Victory Campaign Strategy image.png
eComm Victory - T black.png

TEST offers, images, copy, & call to actions

Once we have our full detailed strategy created, spelled out and you ensure that we have your messaging and branding on point, we will launch the campaigns! We always TEST multiple elements of the ads: 

  • Offers vs. No Offer

  • Images vs. Graphics vs. Videos

  • Short vs. Long Copy

  • Call to Action Buttons & Headlines

Mobile Phone
eComm Victory - O black.png

OPTIMIZE the campaigns

Our biggest goal is to create conversations that convert shoppers into buyers. That’s our jam!


After driving quality traffic to your online store, we’ll OPTIMIZE our campaigns to make sure we are scaling the winning offers, products, creatives, copy versions, etc.


Get your shipping folks ready… you’re about to get more customers!

Girl Holding Shopping Bags
eComm Victory - R black.png

RETARGET to RETAIN buyers & RECAPTURE abandoned carts

Attracting new customers costs a lot more than RETAINING the current ones. This is where a lot of agencies and brands leave tons of money on the table.



➡ We gently nudge your prospects and customers using Facebook Ads, Email Marketing & Chatbots to make a purchase! We up-sell, cross-sell, and just plain-old sell (aka close) your leads.

Laptop and Phone
eComm Victory - Y black.png

YES! Let’s Scale!

Once we set ALL of that up and run the campaigns for a few weeks, we will have winners! We scale the winners and turn off the losers. We increase the ad spend and turn on the Victory machine for growth!


This is where your campaigns take off and grow, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have sales day-in and day-out. 


And by the way… you didn’t even have to deal with your marketing because you have us handling it for you. Boom! YES! That’s Victory!

So, if all that resonates with you, we should talk.

Your RUN your business, let us market it FOR YOU.
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